A group of remote founders, operators and early investors
investing in the next generation of remote work.
By the community, for the community.


Why remote work:

First up… We believe that most teams need better processes and not just better tools. And we also believe that being a remote team, by itself, doesn't make you a good team.

But, that being said…
Our generation is just generation #1 when it comes to remote work.

Global work will create new opportunities.
Global teams will need better and new tooling.
Remote work will become the new norm.

We are a group of people with experience in managing remote teams and building tools for them.

The future of global work will happen.
And if we can, we'd like to help to make it happen sooner.

What we look for:

  • - Startups that improve remote work
  • - Startups that leverage remote work in a unique way
That can mean…
  • - Tools for remote work
  • - Problem solvers for global teams
  • - Access and opportunity for global talent
  • - Things that are possible because a team works globally
  • - Things that are useful because more people work remotely
  • - Anything that we might not even think of yet

How do we invest:

  • - USD $100,000 – $200,000
  • - Preseed and seed
  • - USA and Global (yes incl. Africa, LATAM, Asia, ROW)
  • - We like to bring in other investors with us

How can we help:

  • - Early stage product feedback and support
  • - Network to remote teams, investors and potential hires
  • - Leadership and management experience


  • - We invest very early stage
  • - Teams might pivot or launch something new
  • - Products might tackle the same problem from different angle
  • - We might end up investing in competitive startups
  • - We (always) only share information internally on request

Who we invested in so far & who is in the network:

  • - Announced soon
  • - We are finishing legal aspects and therefore can't share this yet
  • - We are already actively investing